Adnan’s Peace

On January 13, 1999, the community of Baltimore County, Maryland, was struck with a tragedy. Hae Min Lee disappeared after leaving her school parking lot at Woodlawn High School. Her ex boyfriend, Adnan Syed, was prosecuted for Hae's murder, and the overall case started the famous podcast 'Serial,’ by Sarah Koenig. Each new episode of the podcast series, Serial, provides new information about the case. Overtime, Adnan goes back and forth on the border of innocence or guilt. From Serial, it is an important fact that Adnan's entire conviction is based upon an individual named Jay, and his confessions and testimony. Adnan and Jay did not necessarily have a close relationship, and could be referred to as acquaintances. As Jay is constantly being interrogated, subsequently Jay's story changes. Whether vast or minor details shift, Jay's story eventually becomes untrustworthy, and investigators start to get suspicious about whether Jay is telling the whole truth. The trial took place in 1999, where Adnan was sentenced to life in prison. In my point of view, I believe Adnan is innocent. The case of Jay lying and purposely putting Adnan in jail in my perspective is more significant, and I still hold hope to Adnan's innocence.
Although Adnan's entire conviction is based upon Jay's confessions, there are specific details Serial points out throughout the episodes that could prove Adnan's innocence. One detail that caused major controversy was the fact that Jay's story was never constant. Throughout the numerous episodes and confessions, Jay's story had many inconsistencies. Hence, Jay was never a credible witness. An example of one of Jay’s inconsistency was when he was first interviewed by cops. Jay had stated he had no part in burying Hae, but, in a confession two weeks later, Jay had apparently confessed he helped Adnan dig the hole. This important detail should have thrown the case off into another direction, towards Jay. In addition to Jay's weak testimony, a possible alibi, Asia McClain, claimed to spot Adnan at the library during the time Hae was supposedly killed. This detail holds the most importance because it could've possibly been the game changer in Adnan's case. During Adnan's trial in 1999, this detail was not investigated into as much as it should've been. One more key element was the fact that Adnan was never given his own voice. During Adnan’s trial, Adnan was never given the opportunity to testify for himself. Apparently, Adnan was convicted of Hae’s murder within 4 hours of the trial by the jury. If Adnan was granted a chance to proclaim his innocence, the case could’ve played out differently than what it became. There are multiple important details that stood out from Adnan's case. When put together, the case of Adnan being innocent grows more efficacious.
In contrast, there are other details in Serial that might contradict whether Adnan is innocent. As Adnan’s case develops, more details from his personal life emerges. Details such as Adnan possibly being a drug dealer, makes the case against Adnan more vigorous. Adnan is therefore put into a position where his actions go against his family and religion, making his overall character more suspicious. Another detail that could be used to claim Adnan is ‘guilty,’ is a call to a girl named Nisha, who he was supposedly talking to. The call was placed from Adnan's phone to Nisha, and had lasted about 2 minutes long. The phone call took place during the time duration Hae was evidently killed, and Adnan had presumably given Jay his phone to hold. Jay did not know who Nisha was, so the overall phone call makes no sense as to what could’ve been going on. Throughout Serial, the broadcaster Sarah, constantly points out details that were used against Adnan during his trial. Two witnesses such as 'Cathy' or the daughter of ‘Dave the neighbor,’ also carried out different portrayals towards Adnan. Cathy allegedly claimed Adnan was worried about the cops calling him about Hae, and overheard Adnan on the phone acting nervous and saying remarks such as, "What am I going to do?" The neighbor's daughter claimed someone told her Adnan had killed someone and saw a body in the trunk of a car. Although, both details could've been exaggerated to fabricate the situations. In short, the line between Adnan being guilty or innocent is very thin.
In conclusion, the question of if Adnan is innocent or guilty goes back and forth. From the details provided and other details told throughout the Serial episodes, I am convinced more and more that Adnan was wrongfully incarcerated. The court did not provide enough evidence to truly convict Adnan of being guilty, and under other certain circumstances, Adnan was also not given a fair trial. I strongly believe Jay had more of a part in Hae's murder and is not telling the whole truth. The jury also had allegedly convicted Adnan within a short period of time, and not enough time was given for Adnan to speak his peace. The overall trial holds a great amount of inconsistencies that will jolt your mind on the line of whether you should believe Adnan, or Jay. But all things aside, I truly believe Adnan is innocent. Details and Jay's confession stand out as information that is indeed important, but isn't the whole truth. Whether my theory is incorrect, we will surely learn the truth soon.